Hey there, I am Adrianna Naomi and I couldn’t be happier you stopped by!

Back in 2013, I took a huge chance and moved from my hometown in San Juan, PR to New York City. I traded crystal blue waters and warm sunny skies for skyscrapers and brutally cold winters; you bet this little island girl had no idea what she was up against. What can I say? I was chasing a dream and I desperately needed to step out of my comfort zone in order to grasp my purpose within this remarkably beautiful thing we call life.

How’s it going so far? It’s still a work in process (life generally is lol) but the journey has been truly remarkable and the lessons learned have been far more rewarding.

Today, I am a Digital Media & Branding Consultant, a Lifestyle, Wellness, and Self-Discovery Writer and Influencer. This blog was one of my many side hustles and through time it’s taken a life of its own. What once started as a creative outlet has grown to be something much bigger and powerful.

Here, I get to talk about my passion for wellness, I share advice derived from my self-discovery journey and tips on digital media, personal branding, and some of the most beautiful lessons I’ve learned from my life experiences in NYC and around the world—yes, I also love to travel. Surprised?

Needless to say, I'm absolutely over the moon I get to share all of this with YOU hoping some of it clicks and maybe even empowers you to be the best version of yourself by fully surrendering to the present moment and embracing your truest potential.

Lastly, I’m ALL about making new friends and developing long-term relationships + partnerships with brands and organizations who’s vision resonates with mine. If any of this “clicks” with you, reach out and let’s create something outstanding together!

Adrianna Naomi