Sully Ann for Wardrobe Wednesday

¡Hola, hola!

I am super excited to announce that on today's Wardrobe Wednesday I am featuring the chic creations of Puerto Rican designer Sully Ann! From breezy tops to sleek maxi dresses, we've put together four summer outfit inspiration ideas to get you thinking about what you’ll be wearing this 4th of July weekend! (Don't forget to check our making-off video at the bottom of this post!)

Our four summer looks are simple and true to Sully’s unique style, which can be best described as “girly, feminine and playful.” When asked about this Sully expressed, “I am girly and quirky. I love prints, colors, flowers bows and lace. My biggest influence when it comes to designing and aesthetic is Betsey Johnson. She has been my favorite designer since I can remember and I love how her clothing is so bold and bright. I never feel more confident than when I’m wearing Betsey Johnson.”

Colorful, bright patterns and fitted cuts, that’s all you should be looking for this season, and Sully Ann’s pieces marvelously reflect this cool summer trend. What’s her inspiration? “Fabrics. Fabrics inspire me the most. Sometimes I’m not exactly sure about what is it that I want to make, until I choose the fabrics that I’ll be using. I can walk into a store clueless and after purchasing the fabrics that I want to use I’ll leave with 5 different outfit ideas in mind."

White is this summer's hottest color and the most amazing thing is that you can match it with almost anything! Check out the tops that I’m wearing and how I combined them with white bottoms. You can easily dress up outfits like these with a pair of wedges or dress them down with some cute flats, just have fun with it! Also, the jewelry you wear can help to give it that “umph” you might still be looking for, if you really feel like going all out!

On the other hand, patterned dresses – like the ones Sully is wearing – are always a safety bet. Whether you’re going to a rooftop for brunch or getting together with your friends over cocktails, colorful patterned dresses are a fun way to let your girly side out for a bit!

On life, following your dreams and creating a solid balance, Sully is a pro. With a full time job and countless commitments, Sully Ann makes time to continue to pursue her one true passion. “Even though I didn’t go to fashion school, and design is not my full time job, I make as much time for it as possible. It makes me happy to know I am able to translate an idea into a beautiful sketch and see it come to life.” “My first design was my 6th grade graduation dress and I've been sketching ever since! I've always taken art classes and I also took the time to learn how to sew, so even though I am not professionally trained, I can manage to satisfy my passion for by making outfits for myself.”

Because no dream is too big and no goal is unreachable, Sully is proof of what working hard and making it happen truly means. And who knows, maybe you’ll find yourself shopping her clothing line during the next couple of years! As she says, “My plan is to keep making clothes that reflect my style and what I’d make of a clothing line, if I had one. For now, I am only making clothes for myself but I plan on starting to make them for my friends and see what happens. I can’t even begin to imagine the joy of seeing someone walking down the street wearing something that I made for them!” In the meantime, you can follow Sully on her journey via Instagram @sullyann89!

Until next time,

Adrianna xx